i am currently writing an informal article, got confuse on how to use the has been and have been, hope you can help me, thanks

I have been
You have been

He/she/it has been
-John has been ->singular
-The car has been

We have been
you have been
they have been

We use the present perfect continuous to talk about an action that started in the past and continued up to the present and might still go on.

Some examples:

I've been reading for two hours now.
We've been playing tennis for two hours.


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Please show us a few sentences so that we can see the nature of your confusion.

Best wishes, Clive
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Clive Hi,Please show us a few sentences so that we can see the nature of your confusion.Best wishes, Clive
" I have been sent an envelope." Is this sentence is right ?

But why not just say i have received an envelope?
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I had been currently writing a informale article for three hours back.
I had been writing some articles for three hours back
I have been writing an informal article for the last three hours.
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She has been advised.