I am creating a template form for my information about accident investigating. The question I have is witch was would be proper use:
Was photo's taken? or Were photo's taken. and if you could please explain why?
Thank you (I can always us help in this area:).
Since you requested an explanation, I'll oblige, since it is three in the morning and I am bored.
Since you are talking about more than one photo, you must make "photo" plural; but (as Maj has shown) you must do so by adding an s, not by adding an apostrophe and an s. "Photos" means "more than one photo"; "photo's" means "of the photo." It is possessive rather than plural.
Your verb must always agree in number with your subject, or, in other words, if your subject is plural, your verb must also be plural. Therefore you need to say "were," which is the plural form, rather than "was," which is the singular form.
You mean "Were any photos taken?".
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