Hello! I am in dire need and I would hope to find a solution here.

First off, I'm not sure what the dots are called in english, it's early and I'm really tired, but I think they are called punctations (or similiar), you know, stuff like this.
The .

Anyway! My question is related to its use in english. Let's say I have a blogposting or similiar, and only show the first 5 lines. Should I end the last line with .. (two dots) or ... (three dots), as of a way to show that "Hey, it continues, it's more text, read on, etc!"

I've always learned that the three-way-dot style is correct, both in english and american. I would be glad if someone could figure this one out for me. In all honestly, it does look better with ...

Thanks in advance,
The three dots are called an 'ellipsis' and it always has three and not two dots. It is used to show that something is missing, so you are correct to use it in the way you suggest.
British English: 'Full-stop'
American English: I believe it's called a 'Period'
If you think ... looks better then use ...
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Ah, there we go. Ellipsis (glues onto scrapbook.)

Thanks to both of you. Have a great day!