Ok, so i am VERY new here, and this is my first post. It is quite easy to see I am lacking in my grammatical, and literary skills.

I am hoping that someone can help me figure something out. A "friend" of mine has a quote for a signature that says, "who, the devil, do you think you are?" And I know little to nothing about proper use of the comma and other punctuation other then OMG!and ROFL, heh. I just don't know why but the sentence seems more then a little wrong, but since i know hardly anything about proper usage, I can not give any reasons why. She claims that the way it is written (typed really) is the proper way, and that she reffered to a grammer book. I really dont agree. It just doesnt seem correct. Can anyone please not only tell me if this is actually correct, but also why and when the comma is to be used appropriately? Also if this example sentance is correct, could you please explain why the comma after why, and "the devil" it makes no sense to me. thanks again.

I truely hope that i am using this forum properly, and apologize if i am not using the right section or posting rules.
I don't think your friend is right and it would be interesting to see the grammar book where she found Who, the devil, do you think you are? She is applying a general rule to a specific example and in this case it fails...

Who the devil is used in the same way as Who on earth or Who the hell...would she put commas around those examples? Using commas in this way makes the words within it into an 'aside', whereas who the devil, who on Earth and who the hell are complete idioms in themselves. These phrases also work with what or where instead of who.

I think she is confused because of the way that these paired commas can be used For example Richard, the devil, smashed our window! 'the devil' here serves as an aside comment on Richard.
Welcome to the forum - you are using it quite properly. I hope you'll register so you won't just be one of many "anonymous" users - it's nice to know who we're talking to, at least by screen name. Emotion: smile
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oh wow, i dint realize that i was anon... Firstly i realized i spent WAY too long correcting my grammar and such when posting last night. So i am gonna claim that i am making very unique poetry when i post... preenSo i can claim "poetic license". Anyways, i will register right now. I am not sure however, if i will be that frequent a visitor. It would hardly be fair to contribute and help to people, since i need more then anyone i know. Emotion: smile So i will visit and learn here and there, and maybe i'll come by and actually use proper punctuation and capitilization. By the way, i will register as my normal sn. Saskiastar.
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