Personally, I have a deep feeling of disgust and opposing attitude against prostitution. I think it is immoral and corrupted.

It is because I strongly believe that people could go to charity or applying for government funding instead of exploiting their body. And there is always another option to solve financial problems.

Secondly, prostitution causes many social problems and influencing our community in a negative manner. For instance, prostitution causes venereal diseases, social immorality, bad influence upon our youth and the future of society etc.

Please give your personal comments on the contemporary social problem of prostitution.
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While I do believe that prostitution is immoral, I'm not certain it should be prohibited. My personal belief is that governments should not legislate morality, and thus any activity which does not harm anyone other than those who willingly participate should not be made illegal. I also tend to believe that many, if not most, of the social and health problems surrounding prostitution come as a result of its prohibition. If it were regulated like any other industry, I think that many of those problems would be significantly lessened.
I extremely support the point that prostitution depends on social morality and personal values. At any rate, I consider that prostitutes are better than killers, smugglers, robbers becuase the latter do harm others, but the former is opposite. Maybe someone elso will hold the different opinions with me on this point that the prostitution is also a kind of caree, although this kind of job is considered to be nasty, and most of the women is not going to take it. Even, think there are different reasons for women to choose prostitution as a work. Some women are looking for a easy and short way to earn money, but they are reluctant to work dilligently. Some women are forced to be prostitutes. In desolate, isolated and destitute places this kind of things occurs frequently. Few monthes ago, I read an article that in a destitute montainous place, a village female teacher have to be a prostitute after class only because she has no enought money to save her father from the illness. However, if we think that just the impoverished women will follow this path, we will be pretty wrong. Prostitution is connected firmly with personal values. When I read an article on Newsweek that a few of students in famous Chinese universities particape in the prostitution, I am confused. I am trying to match them with the above-mentioned women. The university students are excluded from this circle.A few students among them are excellent students: hard-working, amiable, ambitious, and competitive. Meanwhile, they even born in the wealthy family with the high ability of independence. Why do they are willing to be a disgusting prostitute? In their eyes, they earn money by themseves without others' help and do no harm to others. They like this kind of life.

Finally, prostitution is not absolutely doomed by the poor, inocent.
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I don't believe the concept of prostitution is bad. Maybe what America has to offer may be bad, but lets think about what they offer. they promote all through the media that prositution is the lowest form of society [next to homelessness, the non-consumer "American"] diseased and ragged, for the filth and flies. well, if the government actually invested into an institution to help out young women and regulate facilities to screen women and men alike, you could not only cut back on women catching STDs, but almost slow to a halt the diseases prostitutes spread out [and don't refere to prositutes as vermin] also it would rule out the Pimps and the Mobs and since it would be a Government job, they would be paid for it, and it would help society. see, it is good [times up!]Emotion: smile
I think it is a very sensitive problem. To me, the concept of prostitution is very bad. but the prostitution is not always bad. In my country, some young girls were deceived and were sold to China as prostitutions.They were forced to do this job and they were very suffered. It's the fault of the clients .I want to tell you a truth." In my district, the prostitutions are lesser infected Aids than the wives of some rich men to have a large relationship with easy women because they never forget to protect themselves." So, I don't agree with you .What I mean is it's very difficult to detect some forms of prostitutions. The government could prohibit the activities of some brosthels by closing some deguised cafeteria, hotel, restaurant with karaoke.....But they couldn't prohibit all of them.The poor students mustn't do this job to continue their education no matter of any kind of reason. Some students in my district should clean the clothes, wash the dishes do all the housework for the rich to get money to continue their study.All of the bourse always reserved for the girls instead for the boys to avoid them to be depraved.
For instance, prostitution causes venereal diseases, social immorality, bad influence upon our youth and the future of society etc.
Wouldn't it be too harsh to blame it all on prostitution? Immorality is always there, whether or not prostitution exists. After all, it is those who use prostitutes that are more immoral rather than the prostitutes themselves.
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I think Orpheus' concept is really ideal.Those who use prostitutes are more immoral rather than the prostitutes themselves. If we want to accuse prostitutes cause veneral diseases, social immorality, bad influence upon our youth and the future of society etc..., we should ask the reason why these bad things occur.The government could arrest the prostitute to stop their job and re-educate them but they couldn't forbid those who use it. It's very difficult to catch them in the act. In relation to social morality,it's not easy to say who are more immoral, the bad man or the prostitute. Only the bad man can appreciate himself his personal value. {God can know it}.Furthermore, in the condition of being homosexual or having sexual with child,the bad man is always innocent. Few people could know what forms of money they give to the victims.And a lot of married man have their second and third rank wife with their monthly replace his old official wife.
The oldest profession in the world, they call it.

We always try to find more efficient ways of doing things -- the same outcome with the least effort. In the prostitute's case (or gigolo -- I don't want to be sexist), she (he) makes money by letting people use her (his) body. In the client's case, the client chooses to forego the chase (the game) in order to "get right down to business" -- there's an expediting fee for eliminating that step, you see.

What are the results? The prostitute (gigolo) gets the money using little effort, the client gets the desired result instantly, with little effort, and they're both happy. It's a business transaction, really, if you think of it. The unwritten contract states that since the chase or the game (where feelings of attachment and loss stem from, eventually) is eliminated, then there shall be no emotional involvement between these short termed "business partners". In other words, these people are not looking for husbands or wives -- these people are merely looking to quench their sexual urges.

The expression "You get what you pay for." comes into play after the business relationship has transpired. Those who say, "Why should I pay for it when I can get if for free? All I have to do is apply myself.", are the ones who are left with emotional baggage -- how many of you know people who just can't seem to let go after they've had sex with someone who eventually dumps them? I definitely know quite a few. So, anyway, those who pay for it do not experience that emotional burden of their non-paying counterparts.

Why do people go into business? Supply and demand. There are a billion-gazillion products out there that people won't ever need -- but they still purchase them, don't they?

So here's the big quetison: If those who choose to participate in that transaction are not affected by it in any way, then why should others be?

Just one of my opinions that don't really involve society and religion.

If other people are "forced" to prostitute themselves, then that's a different story. If married poeple hire prostitutes, then that's another story. If prostitution is illegal (as it is in most areas), then that's another story. There are many things that can turn it into another story. And each situation ultimately has its own consequences, either direct, indirect or inadvertent.

What if priests hired hookers instead of molesting young boys and girls? Do you think there would be less people with screwed-up sex lives? Do you think that a molested individual might go into prostitution, hire a prostitute, or worse, become a violent murderer or criminal?

What if Helen of Troy were a prostitute? How rich would the stories of war have become?

- Arvin G.
The urge to have sex is the most natural thing in the world and prostitutes are willing to provide a sex service to those who, for whatever reason, do not have a partner, or a partner who won't have sex with them anymore. Personally I don't see the problem. It's the simple economics of supply and demand. Before looking on prostitution as immoral, maybe some reflection on why prostitues exist is required?
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