Hello everybody

My name is Gandalf and I'm from Sweden and I'm studying English at university level. I'm currently writting a paper for my university about Prototype theory. At the moment I'm looking for native English speakers that are willing to answer a short questionnaire for me.

I'm investigating how prototypes of words may have changed in countries speech communities that undergo the transition from socialist economy to free market economy. To get a better comparison I would like some Native English speakers to answer the same questionnaire.

If any of you feel like helping me, you can find the questionnaire here

Once you fill it out, you can mail it to (Email removed)

Thanks for any help!

If this a completely inappropriate use of the forum, I'm sorry and beg you all to just ignore it.
You might get more responses if you simply paste your questions into a post here on the Forum. That makes it easier for people.

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Hi Clive.

I think it's not possible, since it contains images and tables.. I just noticed that my e-mail is censored though, which is not helping anyone. I'll try to write it like this (Email removed) and hope that works for anyone that might want to help me.
Ok. So now I joined just to be able to post the missing e-mail. And again, Sorry about taking up the space and if you have 2-3 minutes over and feel like helping me out, then fill in the questionnaire and send it to (Email removed by mod. Please add it to your profile only)

Thanks again!

Got any questions about Swedish or slovene? I might be able to help.
but i can not find your questionnare.
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