I asked two English native friends to check my C.V. but they disagree on this one Emotion: sad

Should I say:

1 - proved my attention to detail and deadlines
2 - proved my attention to details and deadlines

I wrote it with a "s" but one says that it is correct while the other believe that should be without "s"...

Anyone having an idea about this one??

Thanks in advance
To be completely parallel with the plural deadlines, it should be details.

attention to detail is a set phrase meaning attention to all matters concerning details. Detail is used as a non-count noun in that case. Placing the non-count detail next to the count noun deadlines forms a non-parallel structure. This causes the reader's mind to group thus: proved my [attention to detail] and (proved my) [deadlines], which makes no sense. The reader has to go back, reread, and regroup to get the intended meaning. With the plural, though, the grouping is proved my attention to [details] and (my attention to) [deadlines], which is, I think, what you want.

If you want to use attention to detail, you should probably mention deadlines in a different sentence somehow rather than tack it on to attention to detail.

By the way, I think most of these resumes are read electronically these days, simply scanning for keywords like JAVA and C++ (if this is for a computer-related job, for example), so who knows whether anyone will ever really know or care whether you agonized over detail and details. Sad, but true.


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1 - proved my attention to detail and deadlines
2 - proved my attention to details and deadlines

Without the 's', you are speaking more generally. With the 's', you are being more specific, thinking of individual details.

You can really say it either way, depending on which you want to focus on. It's also a matter of style. The alliteration of the two words that begin with 'd', and their proximity, makes me feel that it sounds better if both end with an 's'.

A more general comment on your CV is that details and deadlines are two separate topics. You might consider making a separate comment on your CV for each of these. We normally speaking of meeting or achieving deadlines, rather than simply giving our attention to them.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thank you very much CJ and Clive!

I will keep the "s" to detail.

I also agree about the keyword thingie and I also find it very sad especially when you receive job offers for Web Designer, programmer positions etc... and you are into Sales and Marketing... Just because you wrote in your computer skills PHP, ASP, etc...

Thanks again.

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