I am aksing about the replacement of if in conditional sentences.

I already know that, we can use provided, providing, suppose that, supposing, imagine, on condition that ets.

I wonder if you could tell me in which conditional sentences can we use each.

For example, my impression is that we can use provided and providing instead of if just for first conditional.

Ex. Provided/providing you get the highest mark, I will buy a bicycle. (real future )

Ex. Supposing/suppose that I won a lottery, I would buy a BMW.

Can we use provided or providing for unreal conditionals?

Thank you very much for your help


It is a difficult question. The differece is quite subtle - but I'll have a go..

Provided -

This is usually a fairly hard "take it or leave it" situation..

- You can have the goods provided you bring me the money by Friday

- You can come to my party provided you bring Fred with you

[If you don't, it won't work]

Supposing -

This is more thoughtful / gentle..

- Suppose you brought me the money by Friday, I could get you the goods pretty quickly

- Suppose you brought Fred to my party - that would be great!

[This is a suggestion: if you're not happy with that, maybe we can work something else out]

On condition that -

This is sometimes an extra request..

- We've agreed the $500 for the goods. You can have them on condition that you invite me to your party!

It's difficult, but hope this may help, Dave
It seems, no one is interested in conditional sentences.

That would be kind of you if you could have a look at the above post and voice your opinion about it.

Thank you in advance for your time and help
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Thank you very much Dave. It was helpful.

So you agree with me that povided can only be used in firt conditional and suppose that should be used in unreal (hypothetical or imaginary)conditionals.

Yes. I had to look up first, second and third conditionals but I think you are right. The word "provided" has a forward-looking sense, so you would tend to use it only in the first case..

- Provided I have enough money, I will go abroad

The following is OK, I would say, but not so natural..

[?] Provided I had enough money, I would go abroad

And this does seem wrong..

[x] Provided I'd had enough money, I would have gone abroad

And, yes, "suppose" is based on supposition - if we thought this might happen, then the following would happen..

Regards, Dave
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