Hi !!! would you be so kind and explain how to show english proficiency in a cover letter?? I would be really really grateful !!![F]

The university I am applying to asks for proof of english language proficiency. They say that non-native speakers must demonstrate their proficiency with a test result in IELTS or TOEFL. Yet I have also found information that if we feel that we don't need to take such tests we should write a covering letter stating why.

Even tho I am not a native speaker, I have attended an Australian primary school, I have done my IGCSE's in english in an international school and same goes for my high school IB diploma. So I think it's enough proof, right?!
And anyways, I thought a covering letter is something you write for a job application ?! What do you think I need to include in this letter to show them that my past is enough proof of my proficiency?

I look forward to the tips !!! Emotion: smile

First tip, read the first two posts in this section.

Second tip, if you want to prove to them that your English is sufficiently good, then YOU ought to write the letter.

Third tip, when writing to them, do not use exclamation marks everywhere, flowers, question marks immediately followed by an exclamation, nor happy faces.

Fourth tip, watch your capitalizations (English, not english) and watch your spelling (though, not tho).

If I were in your shoes, I would write my letter and state in my letter that I wrote the letter without assistance. That will form part of your demonstration of your competency. If you rely on others for tips and instructions and advice, then that partially defeats the purpose, no?

This note might seem a little sarcastic. It is not meant to be so.

Ok, thanks a lof for the advice. You are right, I should just do this one on my own.