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Firstly, it must be said that I like all of my senses. Plus I am incredibly glad that all of them are functioning normally.

Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch are known as the five human senses. Though, which ones are the least important for me? How would I order them? To answer these questions I will list each sense and discuss it.

Sight is probably the most important sense for me. I could never imagine living without vision. I think I would go crazy. But actually losing vision is nowadays not as bad anymore. There are plenty of blind people who life a fairly normal life. They even enjoy living. As a blind person you can make use of dogs, brail, and other aids. Of course when you once have experienced the splendor of vision it is hard to life without. On the other hand, when you have never seen anything you must life your whole life wondering about things: “What does the world look like?” “What do I look like?” etc.

Hearing is as much as important as vision. This is because I think without hearing you lose a big part of the social life. Having not deaf friends and be normally socially active will be hard for a deaf person. Another issue would be that you lose your speech. If you are deaf you obviously can’t hear yourself speaking. Thus you unlearn how to speak. (The same thing is with my German. Here in the U.S. I don’t hear a lot of German and I also don’t use it often. Not surprisingly, I won’t be speaking German as well anymore as I was used to.) Of course, there is this very handy sign language which helps you to communicate. Sadly, it is not known by very many people that are not deaf. Plus, you can’t express emotions with sign language. You can’t tell if something is sarcastically meant or not, if you are angry or happy, etc.

Taste, is a less important sense. Well, I am glad I have it. If I had no taste, eating would be one of the most boring acts ever. One might argue that you could maybe live with that. It would not be fun to eat but there are many things in life that are not fun to do but must be done. A bigger problem is, and that’s also which makes taste important, is that you could not tell if something you eat is rotten or poisoned.

Smell, is for me less important than the remaining senses. On the one hand, with smell you can have the pleasure of nice odors and it also agrees with your taste but you must know that you also smell the disgusting odors. Smell also tells you, if for instant, a poisonous gas is in the air. But since it is in the air everybody else could smell it and will tell you. And if you have normal body hygiene you don’t have to worry with thoughts whether you are stinking.

That brings us to the last sense, touch. Touch is pretty important. The body needs it to function well. You need to feel the material of things that you can know if you should press hard or not. You also must feel the temperature of things, so that you don’t get burned. And most importantly, it is a joy to feel.

To recapitulate, my personal order would be (most- to least important): vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell. Logically and with today’s circumstances I’d say: touch, taste, smell, vision, and hearing.
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I used to agree with this, then a friend of mine told me this:


Everybody takes their sense of touch for granted, but its keeping us alive...