what is public law institution? tks a lot.
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What are you trying to say, Mr. Ding? (What are the Chinese characters for it?)
Dear Julielai,

actaully it is what i came across in my reading of another legal paper in English but written by a German. in that paper, it refers to a bank of Hamburge.

I've looked it up in my English Chinese Law Dictionary which gives the meaning as "???". and i made a research of ??? in google and got this http://www.get.com.tw/goldensun/answer/K01(ok).doc

seems that a public law instition is a government body or social orginization.

that paper above mentioned concerns with the transformation of that German bank into a limited company. Maybe prior to that transformation it is a public law institutionEmotion: smile

BTW, i noted you run a website or may be just a member thereof, anyway i'll have a look if i get the time.

Have a good day!

Tianjin, China
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Sorry, I have never heard of ??? in Hong Kong. (Perhaps different regions have different terms for the same thing?) Nor have I heard of a public law institution in American English.

PS. I'm not a lawyer, though I've done a little bit of legislative work before.
To Julielai

Totally can't understand what you referred to,it would be better if you quote the original text next time.
public law is defind as the law that governed the people living in a state.
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hi. im kranthi law student ,from india.

public law institution menas i don't know but i will send to you later . public law means It is theat bady of law largely regulates the staste activites. It determines and regulates the organistion and funtion of the state and determines the relation of the state with its subjuct.

Hi guys,

The expression 'public law' sounds odd to me. Isn't all law public and not private?

If you are talking about laws that regulate the state, that sounds like what I would call 'constitutional law'.

Best wishes, Clive
Public law is the law that governs the relationship between the individual and government, whether local or national.

Private law governs the relationship between individuals.
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