Lex: Clark, I'm glad I ran into you. I need to talk to you
about the Sharks game. Is your dad coming?

Clark: I'm not sure.

Lex: Funny, when I asked him, he was pretty adamant he wasn't
gong. I'm rescinding the offer. Go fishing with your dad.

Clark: Lex, you don't have to do that.

Lex: I know. But your dad just wants to spend some time with you. It's
not something I want to come between. In his own way, he's
just trying to give you something my father never gave me.

Clark: What's that?
Lex: Limitations. All my father ever told me was
"Don't get caught. (If he does a crime?) Don't cause a scandal."
That's not love, that's public relations. He's not refering to the press,
right? He's saying their relations are distant, isn't he?
Don't get caught -- at anything even possibly criminal.
that's public relations-- The father's comment about not getting caught and causing a scandal is because the father is worried about his own reputation (public relations); he is not expressing loving concern for his son.
I got it now. Thanks, Mister Micawber!