I've discovered the following outstanding handbooks among other publications for ESL/EFL teachers' professional development. Let's exchange information and opinions on the best resources for ESL/EFL teachers to improve teaching English pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.

Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom: A guide to current ideas about the theory and practice of English language teaching (Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers) [Paperback], 464 pages, 2000.

Lessons from Good Language Learners (Cambridge Language Teaching Library), 2008, 336 pages.
I suggest that every teacher needs to sit down and read Stephen Krashen's Principles and Practice in Second Language Teaching, a very short, simple and general book on language acquisition, before worrying about how to teach this or that aspect of a language.
hi i need lesson plans about simple past using bloom's taxonomy
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Search on google.com for "English (ESL) lesson plan" and you will find a lot of websites with ready-to-use materials.
Choose what suits you best at your own discretion. I am not allowed to list any websites here as that would be perceived as a commercial advertisement.