Where should I start from?

Okay, I will start saying that I am feeling sensitive today..but it's been for ages that I wanted to say this!:)

Thanks for the pacience you need to explain those things to Pucca. Really! I know I am annoying sometimes but when I don't understand something, I really get desperated! When did it happen? In "Paco's post..." thread and a bit in the say/tell thread!
Thanks for helping me to improve my English.
Thanks for answering to all my questions.
Thanks for being there always.
Thanks for this great place.
Thanks for teaching me, I've learnt a lot. You wouldn't believe how much..Emotion: smile

Just..thanks for what have done, for what you are doing and for what you will have to do!

I know you will all think why I am doing this, it's simple, I just felt bad because you are all helping us..for free! ..and you don't receive anything from us! Ah, you receive rude words... Sometimes I wonder why you are all in front of your computer in your free time but then, I come back from the Moon, and tell myself that if it wasn't from you all, my English would be poorer than it is!

What should I write as a tittle? I have no idea..so, I will only write my nickname, I guess!

(I know there must be lots of mistakes, I will, I will! I know I have to improve.)

Thanks for reading it:).
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Nice, that at least one member thanked them!
Pucca, you are welcome Emotion: big smile
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Emotion: big smile.

Spinnaker, I don't think I've been the only one who thanked them!;)
i agree with you Pucca

who i dont know where she from Emotion: smile
Pucca, the reason we do this (at least, the reason *I* do this) is people like you. It's nice to be able to help someone, and it's really nice to know that we actually are succeeding in doing that.
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PuccaEmotion: big smile.

Spinnaker, I don't think I've been the only one who thanked them!;)
Well in that way you did I think nobody.
Hello Barb!:)

Yes, you are all helping me a lot! It will sound a bit weird, but I learn while having fun! It's amazing...and, you know, I love reading all your posts! Yes, I love how you explain things..and, do I have to say it? Do I have to say that I envy you all for your perfect English?:)

And..since I don't know how to end, I asked for advice and this was what I got from Barb!:)

"oh! My mother is calling me! Gotta run!" Emotion: smile
SpinnakerWell in that way you did I think nobody.
Do you mean by writing it in a new thread? I think someone did but it was time ago..Emotion: smile
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