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Yes, maybe...Lucky you! Mine are not very polite...
I've taught most of them since they were eight years old so they learned then that they'd be out the door if they weren't polite...............a little but they are also from lovely families here in the villages......you can keep the big cities for me.
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That anon was from me, forgot to sign in first

Im from Portugal, and my english is a little rusty, but i think i know the answer.
Pull and bear i think its to give birth, the birth of a new generation of clothing.
Bear also means: to bring forth (young); give birth to: to bear a child. ( dictionary)
 How do you give birth? you pull the child ( the nurse does ), so.. pull and give birth to. Pull and bear ( bear a child).
Well, at least thats the way i see it and has some logic Emotion: smile
Hi, I´m from Mexico and here the people seems to have no idea of what does the name means and no cares about it. Also the pronunciation use to change acording to each person, but I found somewhere in the media that (probably) "Pull & Bear" could mean something like "pick and go", as if you just choose any shirt you like and wear it. Nevertheless, It´s true that non-english speaker countries likes to create new words without any meaning, just because they like the way it sounds.
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maybe its a pun on pull and tear.... the clothings comfortable
It's the name of a Clothing Store it sounds funny but yes, the actual name is "Pull and Bear" (Not so sure about what they are trying to say or what is the messeage they want to send to consumers) it's a favorite among Latin American Consumers who want to get a taste of Poor-Quality Over-Price European Style Clothing. In my opinio is a pretty lame name and store. Simply ridiculous! But( Moderator note - I've deleted a mild ethnic insult from this useful post. Emotion: smile)
Haha, Pull and Bear? I like it. Is it a play on words?

Pull it from the shelf, Bear it on your back!....

Or maybe it's just nonsense. I really want* it to mean *something though!!!!

Emotion: smile thanks for posting this, it's pretty funny! All the best!


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hi. after thinking it was about (men and women) i found in wikipedia that it first came out as a clothing brand for men so, guys don´t like to spend time thinking what should they wear, i think that was the message they wanted to tell. guys PULL AND WEAR (pull and bear). women clothing line came out later and i did´t know this so at first i thought i was like a fixed name like PULL (for guys) and BEAR (for women, as in BEAVER) hahahaha. but i´m pretty sure first one is the one.

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