Which do you like: comedy, tragedy or tragicomedy?

Is it correct to use a colon after the verb 'like'? If not, which punctuation should be used? Thanks in advance.


Here's another vote for the em-dash.

I like and use journalist formatting here on the forum — a space before and after the dash — but the same without spaces is recommended for academic essays and such—usually—like this.



I'd use an em dash (ALT 0151). The colon is best avoided when you can for its clumsiness, and some style guides do not allow it in this setting.

"Which do you like—comedy, tragedy or tragicomedy?"

The Brits make an em dash with a single hyphen and spaces, which is probably best for the Internet as it is on your keyboard already.

"Which do you like - comedy, tragedy or tragicomedy?"

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