Hey guys,

could you please help me out with punctuation of this headline. What I want to say is that your duty is to give free hugs.

Duty, free hugs.

Duty: free hugs.

Duty – free hugs.

...or maybe there is an option I haven't considered.

Thank you for your help in advance!


I think that any of these are potentially hard to understand. I suggest a minimum of "Your duty: free hugs". You can also consider "Free hugs are your duty".


The last is closest to the meaning, and it has the advantage of being puzzling until you know what it is supposed to mean, traditional in headlines. It also looks like a mistake for "duty-free", which is a good thing. It's like pre-internet clickbait.

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Thank you very much for your help and feedback.

From your answer I assume the correct punctuation would be:

Duty: free hugs.

Unfortunately, I have to stick with this copy... And can't add any more words. But I understand your point that it could be hard to understand.

KapetmeisterFrom your answer I assume the correct punctuation would be:
Duty: free hugs.

If you absolutely cannot change the words, only the punctuation, then yes, I would use this one.

Oh, but I would normally drop the full stop in a headline. I'm not sure whether you mean that as part of the headline or not.

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Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. It helps a lot Emotion: smile I will try it!