Here is my text:

"Authors and specialists worldwide advocate paying attention to pupils' bodily and sensory stimuli, given the fact that learners fall into three categories which are usually referred to as the visual[1], auditory[2] and kinesthetic[3] learners. Board games[1], music-aided learning[2] and hula hoops-supported activities[3] respectively, are the proposed methods that try to be most appropriate for these learners."

My question concerns the adverb respectively. I have marked the elements that are connected but they appear in two sentences. In the second sentence I added the mentioned adverb to indicate these connections. Did I do it in a correct way? And there is question two, is there a need to put a comma after respectively as I've done? Please help.
Your understanding of the word "respectively" is correct. If you put a comma after the word then you need one before it too. However, I think I would personally place the word after "are". I'm not sure "try to be" or "methods" are quite right, and "hula hoops-supported" sounds a bit weird. Maybe you could say:

"Board games, music-aided learning and hula-hoop games are, respectively, the proposed activities most appropriate for these learners."
Thank you, Mr Wordy! That's interesting that your version of my sentence sounds so good in my ear, but I was not able to form it this way on my own Emotion: smile