Would anyone help me to figure out the following situations and tell me what punishment,if any, would be appropriate in the following cases?

1. The children of an English woman, Mrs. Amos, regularly played truant from school.

2.David Smith, 34, of New Jersey, created the Melissa computer virus. The virus caused more than US$80m in damage.

3.Army Major Charles Ingram went on TV quiz program called Who Wants to be a Millionaire? He arranged for his wife and a friend to cough during the quiz to help him get the correct answer. He won a million pounds.

4. Twelve young men were involved in fights and damage to proprety in the centre of Coventry after a football match.

5. 20-year-old Richard Ure, driving on his own, took part in a high-speed car chase with another car containing four teenagers. The teenagers' car crashed, and all four were killed. Richard survived.

Thank you in advance,

Hello, Iman.

I'm sorry, but why would we have any idea what punishments might be legal, appropriate, or even de facto? I'm sure they would vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction anyway. Personally, as in the Republic of San Lorenzo, I would prefer that everyone got The Hook for every crime.
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Hi Mister Micawbre,

Thank you for your time and reply. But since I have no idea about the probable legal actions taken for the above mentioned wrongdoings, I'd be so grateful if you give me a hint for each of them(In any part of U.S,doesn't matter)
This is an exercise in the book I teach and I just want to have some ideas about them.


Well, to be honest, I can't see that any of those people would necessarily be punished.
Thank you Mistre Micawbre for your time and effort.
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1. In the US this would be turned over to the parents of the children for punishment, and punishment could be anything from nothing at all to a severe beating.

2. He might get 12 months.

3. He would probably get away with it, as it would be difficult to prove that the cough helped him.

4. They might get 6 mos.

5. He might get away with it, since the driver of the other car did the crashing.