Can someone clearly tell me what is exactly prototypical approach to Polysemy?

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Some words are polysem when they have the same spelling but different meanings. For example "bank" can mean bank, bench, a kind of a dam and so on. There´s no category change of the word included. What do you mean when talking about a prototypical approach? I only know this notion as referring to prototype theory. But it belongs to wordfields there. A prototypical approach... Hmm, I do not know what you mean, sorry.
Are you talking about the fact that the same word refers to different prototypes in the real world? In other words, the concept refers to the fact that different people have different prototypes of the same word. (I think we are talking about a word having multiple references). At least, that's my interpretation. Anyone out there, please correct me if i'm wrong.
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I belive there are no pure linguistics, somewords have semantic relationship with others: for example: book, student, paper, school.
Sorry, I think I didn´t get the question...... Would you be so kind and explain to me what you mean again ? I do not see the connection between prototypical and polysemy