hi all,

here is a sentence and I am hoping someone would help me out....

"....x x show was a flop, which Kressley put down to people preferring the original(adj ?). I met all the guys and they were wonderful and charming. I just think people like an original(noun ?)...."

* what does "put down" mean in this sentence? does it means to consider that sth is caused by sth in this case ? and

* how about " original " means in this sentence ? does it means sth new and interesting in a way that is different from anything that has existed befor in this case?

thank you!
Yes and yes: you have the correct meanings. But I cannot tell you if original is a noun or an adjective unless you give me the rest of the sentence.
Hello Lindasu.

Original in this case is an adjectice used as a substantive. It is called - to substantivize.

Regards Jay