Dear Teachers,

1. You don't want it to be a yes or no answer, so she can't answer with a simple no. OKAY will most likely be her answer and you are in there like swim wear.

- "swim wear" here has a figurative meaning, right?

2. When you speak to a girl let your voice come from your gut not your throat, and put life into everything you say.

- What does "put life into everything you say" mean here?

Thanks very much to Teachers,

1. Yes, it's figurative. I also suspect it's a double entendre.

2. To "put life into everything you say" means to speak with enthusiasm, emotion, and/or confidence.
Dear Teachers,

1. For the word "swim wear", as M.Caliban said that it's figurative, so what figurative meaning does it have here?

Thanks very much to Teachers,

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You are as close to her as any swim suit she might wear may be the intended meaning.

Huh - I learned a new phrase today:


in there like swimwear:

1. a sure thing; a lock; goal attainment is assured; prospects are brilliant

"In there like swimwear" is "in like Flynn" for a new millenium.

Thanks, GG, new for me too.
BTW, those connotations at urbandictionary are a bit uncomfortableEmotion: smile
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Well, the mental image is more than I care to think about...