If you could help me? I am looking for idioms that are identical ( or close enough ) to "put one's foot in one's mouth" in meaning.

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While it is not an idiom in English, the French faux pas [= false step] meaning a blunder in manners could be used in place of 'put one's foot in one's mouth'.

The one which i know is "eat one's words"
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"Eat one's words" is not similar in meaning to "put one's foot in one's mouth" -- although if you put your foot in your mouth (say something really inappropriate or awkward) you might eventually have to eat your words (humbly retract something you proclaimed confidently).

Depending on context - let the cat out of the bag - would work
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Many thanks to all of you Teachers for your input!

you "put your foot in your mouth" when you say something that causes an embarrassing situation, or that makes a person feel embarrassed.