Hi teachers,

1. "I'm going to put the baby down". Does this mean the baby is sleeping, or you're going to get him ready for nap or bed time?

2. "John always put me down." Would you say this to mean to look down his nose at me?

Thank you

tinanam0102I'm going to put the baby down
I'm not going to continue to hold the baby in my arms. (I'm going to put the baby in a cradle, crib, bed, high chair, car seat, whatever.)

(You are not going to insult the baby or have it killed - two other meanings of 'put down'.)

tinanam0102John always puts me down.
He shows that he looks down his nose at you by insulting you with statements that belittle you.

Putting the baby down means preparing her for sleep and placing her in the crib.

Putting an adult down is to insult them. "You have the worst fassion sense." For example.

Putting an animal down is to have it killed, usually humanely. "Fido had an enlarged heart, so we had to have him put down."

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