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I Need Answer For This Riddle

What is a pair of two, black and white you'll get 6?

Our Thought Of Origin



hi its barnacle

If 2+3=8,3+7=27,4+5=32,5+8=60,6+7=72 Then...

if 2+3=8,3+7=27,4+5=32,5+8=60,6+7=72 then 7+8=???

Need An Answer For This Please?

He who sees it, uses it. He who uses it doesn’t see it.

Unsolved Riddle?

I received this riddle today and am struggling to solve it. Can anyone be of assistance please? Thanks Here is the riddle below. “I failed. You ordered uniform. Can ask nothing...

I Turn Polar Bears White?

I think you've heard this before but.. I turn polar bears white and I will make you cry. I make guys have to pee and girls comb their hair. I make celebrities look stupid and...


Mr smith had 4 daughters each daughter had a brother how many children does mr smith have

Important Space

be sure to leave (blank) so that you don't end up with a flat-top haircut.

No Head?

What has a neck but no head and two arms but no hands?


The Teacher said I wish yesterday was tomorrow, because today would be Friday. On which day did the teacher say this.

Any 1 Answer This Riddle?

I am the first on earth second in heaven i apears two times in aw week you can only see me onece a year although I am in the middle of the sea.

Riddle Need Helpppp

what can you Hear bit not see or touch but you control it ...


if a man carried my burden he would break his back I am not rich but leave silver in my track ...


someones mother has four sons .north south and east what is the name of the fourth son

Need Help Solving This Puzzle. Thanks...

30-plus soldiers standing tall, under a roof held up by no wall, at attention in two bone-white ranks, with the ends curving to their flanks, tell me , what am I...

Destination Game?

Ok this is killing me and i dont have time to figure it out. goes like this: Im going on a trip i go to Boston and then Raleigh for four nights then New Hampture then Colorado...

Monster In A Village

Out far away in the himalayas there was a small village that was constantly terrified by this terrible monster named the medecrin. The medicrin would come down to the village...

Hell Or Heaven

My Fren tested me this riddle and i still couldn't solve , so need help Question : When a person dies, he will be walking along a path. At the end of the path, it splits up into...

Need Help With A Riddle

The riddle is with a french flag as it's background on the top right it saysL This image has a secret meaning? Can you find it? In the bottom left it says: There were 3 people...

Help Me Solve This Please

Mike needs 50 mL triplicates of sample to conduct a test. Mike also follows good laboratory practice and therefore rinses his glassware; a beaker and a measuring cylinder; in...


Brown and old by day, white and young by night. My eyes are glass. I have 9 faces but no head. I sing to the sky but have no voice. I'm nowhere and everywhere

3 Monkeys A Brown A Blue And A Yellow...

3 monkeys a brown a blue and a yellow monkey and there's one tree and at the top of the tree there's one banana how do they split the banana

Ms Wens

what walks on all fours in the beginning, walks on two in the middle and walks on three at the end? ...

Please Solve This For Me

I slither my way toward My final connection, And I'm the harmony of A composer's direction ...
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