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Riddle Help

It can be where you stop. And it can be where you play.

A Little Test For Native Speakers?

Hi! This is one of the parts from the Russian national exam on English. Some teachers find it difficult and say that even a native speaker'd have problems with it. I can't understand...

Can You Figure Out This Riddle?

45 men reached a Pinnacle of sorts, 1 lead your search to come up quite short.


It’s a place on Earth but it’s spelled backwards _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ ...

A-Z Of Long Words, At Least 10 Letters...

A-Z of long words, at least 10 letter long. The first one is: Abbreviate.

You Are Trapped In A Room With No Doors...

You are trapped in a room with no doors and windows. You have a knife and an orange. How will you escape


When asked to solve a riddle cathy, sarah and tiffany decided to use the quickest means possible. Cathy called a sister for the answer sarah googled it and tiffany knew the answer...

I Need Help With My Riddle?

What happened to the Dallas sheep rancher who claimed he was going to start selling wool on 47 different colors?

Riddle Answer Needed

It is difficult when I run, but easier when I sit. Don’t ask me any questions because I will not answer.

Christmas Gift?

It has 5 letters including an O, & starts with A that will bring out my blue eyes & is used in the fall & winter. Not sure if you can help but we are trying to figure this out...

Complete This 6 Letter Word:?

Complete this 6 letter word: _ o _ e _ h Clue: 1. Girls love it. 2. Boys use it. 3. Parents hate it. 4. Animals are scared of it.

I Need Help With A Riddle?

to go where it is warm, to find things baked, you gather together, as a place to stay

Why Is A River Rich?

Why is a river rich?

Help With Riddle, Please?

"It is difficult when I run, but easier when I sit. Don’t ask me any questions because I will not answer."

Riddle Answer Needed Please

U saw a shirt for 97.00, and since you don't have enough cash, you borrowed 50.00 from your mother and 50.00 from your father which will give you 100.11. Since the shirt is 97...

Help With Riddle?

"It is difficult when I run, but easier when I sit. Don’t ask me any questions because I will not answer."

I Need Help Solving A Riddle

I come at the end of time and the start of eternity. I come four times in every week but only once in four thousand years. What am I?


if tereasa,s daughter is my daughters mother who am I to tereasa


What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?

Solve Around I Must Go,

solve Around I must go, Where to start I don’t know. If start at the six, It moves like a clock ticks. And the words I find will give me directions. ...

Help Me Please

I need help with this riddle: " neither can I be born sooner, nor die later. Surely devouring all, me, the invisible monster. Who am I?"


I can be split into very small pieces, be sent around the world in a few nanoseconds. Governments hate me, and criminals love me, some say I will change the world and others...

The Land Of Nod Riddle

a friend asked this: a perfect world is one where there are: cells but no skin teeth but no mouths feet but no toes pools but no land ??


How is a jar of peanut butter like a train?

I Need Help

Help me solve this riddle please. "you have a tomato and you lose it. you find another one later what would you call it" ...
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