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Who Am I

Neither can I be born sooner, nor can i die later. Surely devouring all, me, the invisible monster. WHO AM I?


i am known by one but recognised by many asterisks conceal my identity open sesame can you guess what i am? ...

Can You Make 24 ?

Hi all Using the numbers 1,3,4,and 6 can you make it = 24 ? You can use each number only once, and Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are all that is allowed...


what is the next letters in the following sentance OTTFFSS ...

Some Months Have 31 Days, Others Have...

some months have 31 days, others have 30 days. how many have 28 days?


I am not a lighthouse or a rock, But I live at the end of the sea, You'll also find me in the sand: Now guess who I might be? ...

I Saw A Saw Which Could Not Saw.

I saw a saw which could not saw. Is there some kind of special name for the above kind of sentences? Could you please tell me some more sentences of the "saw" kind? Please...

I Need Help Solving A Riddle

I come at the end of time and the start of eternity. I come four times in every week but only once in four thousand years. What am I?

Math Logic

Sarah loves 400, but not 300. She loves 100, but not 99. She loves 3600, but not 3700. Which does she love? a. 900 b. 1000 c. 1100 d. 1200 ...

Who Can Explain This ?

Peace be upon you .. I have just read this sentence on a site on the interent . To say that I muddled on the meaning of " can " .. I'm not exaggerating at all .. ! ...

Riddle Need Help Solving

Chris was a horrible worker. He was lazy. He never showed up for work on time and always caused trouble. His boss told him "I wish i had ten more employees like you chris" why...

Riddle Onboggle?

What do you call identical parakeets on the edge of a roof


What do you call identical parakeet sitting on the edge of a roof ?


What do you call identical parakeets on the edge of a roof?

Little Creatures

we are little creatures,all of us have different features. one of us in glass is set,one of us you will find in jet. another you may see in tin, and the fourth is boxed within...


Multi coloured I flee the sky and the deep earth. There is no place for mexample on the ground, I make the world green with my tears. What am I?

What Is The Answer?

I dance upon the water, Glorious in the light, Yet remain fully dry, And vanish by night What am I? ...

Medical Quiz

Once upon a time, a polishman applied to a Medical School - needless to say he never made it - you know why ? These are the answers he gave: Antibody - against everyone...


Riddle: What can a man do 3 times a day but a woman does only once in her life? .

Celebrity Name Unscramble

Please unscramble celebrity name from. Iborenrerr

New York Is My Home

New York is my home The city is my playground On break since October My team and I head southbound My name is very famous Throughout the city of Manhattan For those of you who...

Riddle Answer Needed Please

U saw a shirt for 97.00, and since you don't have enough cash, you borrowed 50.00 from your mother and 50.00 from your father which will give you 100.11. Since the shirt is 97...

Unscramble Actor?


Most Rhymable Word In The English Language...

What is the most rhymable word in the English language?

Pilot's Surname

your are the pilot on the plane flying from London to Berlin with two transfers in Prague. What is the Pilot's surname?
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