My friend ask me to send a christmas carol, "white christmas". I am going to email four music files of white christmas to her.

I need to write about these attached file on email. Could you correct the following sentences?

"I have attached four zip files : The instrumental music of white christmas, The chrous of white christmas, The solo of white christmas and The musical notes of white christmas.

I hope that you enjoy listening to the white christmas I attached. "

Q1) When I explain about the files attached, do I start "the" or "a"?

Q2) I have attached it. I have enclosed it. Are these two sentences same?

Thank you for your help.
I've attached (no: I attached)
Additional notes: the name of the song is "White Christmas." Both words must be capitalized.

You should NOT use a capital T on The for each item in the series, if you decide that "the" is correct.

If you are mailing a zip drive through the post, then enclose it. If you are are sticking the file in an e-mail, then attach it.

Finally: muscial notes - I think you mean the score.
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Yes, I mean that the muscial notes is score. Do these two words have same meaning?

so these followings are the final?

I attached three zip files : the instrumental music of White Chritmas, the Chorus of White Chritmas and the solo of White Chritmas.

I hope that you enjoy listening to White Christmas attached.

Thank you so much for your help.
Score is the correct name for this; 'musical notes' is a rather childish description of a score.

Aren't you sending the score anymore as you've taken it off your list?

I have attached three zip files.

Christmas not Chritmas.
Thank you very much.

I decide not to email the score of White Christmas.

I had no idea of the difference sense of these two words, score and muscial notes.

I learned it from you. Thanks again.
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What about this following sentence?

Please find three zip files attached : the instrumental music of White Christmas, the Chorus of White Christmasand the solo of White Christmas.

Is this okay, too?

Thank you.
yes that's ok.