What spelling is correct? Qasem or Ghasem?

Thanks in advance


What does it mean? In what language?

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Qasem is a oft-used name in Persian and Arabic (also as a part of many last names). The thing is that it is written both with Q and gh

In that case, both are acceptable, in the same way that English names like Catherine and Katherine are both acceptable.

There are various schemes for rendering languages written in Arabic letters using Roman letters. That "Q" and that "Gh" represent two different Arabic letters and sounds. I suppose that different dialects and indeed languages spell the original name using a different initial symbol, or perhaps there are variant spellings and pronunciations in the original languages, and that difference is reflected in the Romanization.

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Which two letters


Which two letters

I didn't want to quote Wikipedia, and I am not an expert. There are many online resources for this. But the way I understand it, an initial guttural is said different ways in different places where Semitic languages are spoken and where there are borrowings and names in common with them.