Hi Hancus

1/ Could you give me a link where I can find:

a/ any exact American standard definitions about the economy, finance, banking...

b/ any exact English standard definitions about the economy, finance, banking...

c/ any lessons of grammar. (that means if want to search the use of "gerund", I only type gerund and that'll appear).

d/ any meanings of idioms.

e/ American dictionary

f/ English dictionary.

2/ Please correct (1/)

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Marius Hancu

a) Don't quite know.
I suggest you post business-related questions to the Business forum here.

Search Yahoo with:
"american financial glossary"
"american business glossary"
(quotation marks are important)

Browse or search business terms in the online business glossary.
business glossary - glossary

Personal Finance: Money 101: Glossary

b) Don't quite know

Search Yahoo with:
"british financial glossary"
"british economic glossary"
"british businessglossary"
(quotation marks are important)

BBA - British Bankers' Association - Glossary
Financial Glossary
c) grammar
d) Idioms
d) AmE dictionary the free version, not as good, but still good
e) BrE dictionary

a) You should try to find forums such as this one, oriented on finances, business, etc.

Search at Yahoo/Google for such forums, e.g. with:

financial online forums
business online forums
economics online forums

After some familiarization, you should be able to ask there your questions.
Click on Register.
I think then you can have access to all their online forums, which could be very good.

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The same should be valid at Forbes and other magazines.
A subscription to the Economist online version would also be very good (but it coasts money).

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Thanks Hancus,

Could you give me some others forums of business where I can ask anything I want?

Tung Quoc

Thanks Hancus,

Could you give me some others forums of business where I can ask anything I want? My name is Marius Hancu.

I don't have other forums. Please search Yahoo.

OK, I've just found.
which are Usenet groups. You may need Usenet (NNTP) or Google access in order to post to them, but you can read them at Google without being a member.

Sorry and thanks,

Yes Hancu, not Hancus. Emotion: smile

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BTW, I think that even when saying Hello or Hi on such a forum, you should use the first name (Marius), the full name (Marius Hancu) or an acronym (MH), but not the last name (Hancu).

The last name is used by your boss at the office and has some paternal or seniorial connotation, IMO, and I don't think it's polite on such a forum. Or, your colleagues may use it in an ironic fashion.
"...or an acronym (MH),"

Actually "MH" are your 'initials'...

An acronym is an abbreviation consisting of the initial letters of words in the name of something - pronounced as a word, e.g.

AIDS = Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
This is an acronym AND the initials


You'll find William Shakespeare as WS in the acronym finder in the above.

I think I can use the term acronym for my much more modest name tooEmotion: smile
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