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This is the article:

At the Amazon.com site, people can search for a book about a subject, find many different books about that subject, read what other people think about the books, order them by credit card, and get them in the mail in two days. This kind of bookstore was a new idea, but the business grew. In a few years, Amazon.com had 10 million customers and sold 18 million different items in categories including books, CDs, toys, electronics, videos, DVDs, home improvement products (things that you use to fix up a house), software, and video games. Today, at a “virtual shopping mall”, —a group of online stores —you can buy anything from gourmet food—special, usually expensive food—to vacations.

This is the exercise:


The man idea for paragraph C is _______.


people can order books by credit card


Amazon.com grew


people can search for a book on Amazon.com

I know the correct one is 'b', but I don't see that the written option is really appropriate. Shouldn't it be better, 'The way Amazon.com has grown'? Could you suggest a better option?

Thanks in advance
Amazon.com is a very successful Internet business.
AnonymousAmazon.com comes across as a prosperous Internet buisness. Regards
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Amazon.com comes across as a prosper Internet buisness.

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Right. At first I wrote something else with the verb "prosper" and forgot about it.[A]

Amazon.com comes across as a prosperous Internet business.