American politics ,rather than mythology, provides the explanation for the word bunk.this word came in to the language when the representative formed the habit of making long ,unnecessary speeches in congress,when his colleagues asked him why he was tormenting them so,he apologizaed by saying it was his patriotic duty to put those speeches jn the record out of loyalty to his supports at home. the word buncombe was shortend to bunk and came to mean any thought that has little or no worth.

i don't know the meanings of the bolded and underlined words in those sentences


(((is bolded and underlined words right to say?or is it wrong?what's the right one ?)))
'rather than mythology, provides' = Mythology does not provide the explanation. American politics does.

'representative' = an elected official

'to put those speeches in the record out of loyalty to his supports ('supporters')at home' = "The Congressional Record" is the official document that preserves an account of the daily proceedings, an account-- accessible to the public-- which can be quoted from by anyone for a variety of political purposes.
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to put those speeches in the record out of loyalty to his supports ('supporters')at home' .....

i couldent underestand this partEmotion: sad
The politician wants to go on record for making speeches that will please his supporters (those who elected him to his political office). The political reason to do that is to improve his chances for being re-elected when his current term of office is over.
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