Hi Teachers,

Which option is better for the tittle of a book?

a) Learning First, Communicating After

b) Learning First & Communicating After

c) Learning First Communicating After

Thanks in advance
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Conrado - In order of preference:

Learning leads to Communicating

Learn First, Communicate Second

Learn, then Communicate

Learning First & Communicating After

Take care,

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply and opnion.

The next book's title is, 'Ready to Communicate'. Do you still think about the same order of preference? Is there a better one according to you?

Thanks again


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I think "Ready to Communicate" is a great title!

Much better than any ot the others, in fact.


Hi John,

Sorry, I didn't explain myself very well. This title, 'Ready to Communicate? is for the second level. The other ones are for the first level, beginners one.

So, which one do you recomend me?


Ahhh - I get it now.

Like I said, of the suggestions you proposed, I think Learning First & Communicating After is the least offensive. However, I would say Learning First & Communicating Later (if I had to).

But, if the first level is consecrated to "learning", then why not have a title that is as simple and direct as the title of level two ? That way, there would be consistency between titles (just my opinion).

How about:

Learning the Basics

Learning the Foundation

The Foundation of Learning

Building Blocks of Learning

Just an idea - John
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Hi John,

I really like your ideas too! The more the best.

But ... if the second level has the verb 'Communicate' why not using the same verb for the first one.

Just my opinion.Emotion: embarrassed


My thinking was:

first (level one) you learn


second (level two) you communicate

but I'm no so certain now...

Let's think about it overnight?

Cheers, John
Yo are right about your thinking!


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