I have a question for principally AmE speakers(because this the english I'm focusing on), I know what ain't stands for and know that is bad grammar, but I would like to know is: what's the frequence that people use ain't, and you, yes you Emotion: big smile, who is answering me, do you use ain't. Ah, and I'm asking about the use in spoken, not written language.

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I seldom, if ever use "ain't." I use it only in circumstances when I am deliberately chosing to epeak in a "slang" language. The general frequency of usage in conversation is highly dependent on the local dialect and socio-economic factors.

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I don't hear it used often by white people (unless used deliberately, for example in songs), but African Americans seem to use it more regularly in everyday informal speech, so it depends on the variety of English you want to consider.

That's the impression I get, as a non-native speaker.
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Same as Astars. Rarely or never.

Thank you, now I'm relieved, I never knew if I should say it or not to look more natural.
Not unless you want to look more natural, less intelligent and less educated!
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makaaywhat's the frequency that people use ain't, and you, yes you , who is answering me, do you use ain't.
1. I don't use ain't.
2. My father never used ain't.
3. My mother never used ain't.
4. None of my friends in high school used ain't.
5. None of my friends in college used ain't.
6. None of my current friends use ain't.
7. None of my teachers ever used ain't.

8. Very, very few of our neighbors where I grew up ever used ain't.
9. Very, very few of my classmates in high school used ain't.
10. Those few that used ain't were from the lower socio-economic classes.

Exception: My friends and I will occasionally use ain't to introduce humor into a conversation. In these situations, we're doing a sort of play acting, and not using ain't as a word we ourselves would normally choose.

There's no reason in the world why someone learning English would ever need to use ain't. You can safely forget that it even exists.

Haha, ok.
I've never used ain't either, as far as I can remember.
So, thanks. That's a word deleted from my vocabulary, just will use it to understand people from the lower socio-economic classes then.
makaayI've never used ain't either
And I hope you ain't gonna start now! It ain't real nice!

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