I'm doing an assignment on the 'past progressive'

I've chosen this sentance as an example

Sally: How did you break your arm?
John: I was playing football last night, when I fell badly

concept questions i had in mind

1. When is John playing football?
2. How did John break his arm ?
3. Did he fall playing football or after?

I think i am on the right track with this, but i aint sure
suggestions, comments
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How about this approach?

It was noisy in the library. Does this mean that the library was

A. not very quiet?

B. not very big?

C. not closed?

Best wishes, Clive
1. Start by looking the word up in a dictionary- even though you know what it means, this is helpful as it gives you a starting place. E.g.

Clothes- the things that people wear such as shirts, trousers, dresses.

2. Then use this information to make some simple questions.

E.g. What do you do with clothes? Wear them.

What clothes are you wearing? - Trousers and a t-shirt.

3. Then you need to think about what the word does NOT mean (that students might get confused by).

E.g. Are shoes clothes? - No (well, I don't think so, anyway)

Are glasses clothes? - No

This could be confusing because we wear shoes and glasses but they are not clothes.

4. Then think if there is anything else about the word that might be difficult for students.

In this case it's the fact that clothes is a plural word. So you can ask

Can we say 'a clothes'? No.

Can we say 'Her clothes is nice.' No

Why not? - It's plural. We say clothes are..

What do we say if it's just one item? - A piece of clothing.

Just apply the same steps to any word you have to deal with. It does take practice though as you have to kind of put yourself in the shoes of the student to see what they will find tricky about it.

Good luck.
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