I've noticed that my webpage link has been removed at one point.

FYI: that is a personal webpage for a group of friends to hang out and discuss educational/social issues specific to the local culture. It's non-commercial and does not interfere with EnglishForward.com. Please do not remove. (Besides, the page that comes up is mostly in Chinese)

If you do have a rule on weblink restrictions, then please see to it the rule is evenly applied. This is all I ask.

PS The site is sponsored by the local government.

Hi Julie,
Please post the link here (in this thread please) and we will review it.
Yes, it's the one in my profile. I removed the "removed by moderator" message yesterday and reentered my url.

Thanks for reviewing it.

I'm okay with whatever you guys decide, as long as it's a group decision. (Of course, I'd like to know the reasoning behind the decision, since other posters' websites aren't banned)

Thanks a bunch!

PS. The whole site is a government project.
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It seems the link was removed as it was deemed promotional.

Please do not reenter it. It is under review.

In the meantime please feel free to post in the;
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Thanks for your patience,

Thanks for the explanation, though I don't see how this is promotional (at least not any more so than the other personal webpages that aren't under review.) Besides, the site is a government project. Strictly speaking, all urls are promotional anyway.

Is it reviewed by someone who can read Chinese? Or will the decision be based on the bits that can be read in English?

Just pleading my case (and I do believe I have one).

Thanks again for responding. The weblink in itself isn't a big deal at all, but as someone who has moderated forums herself in the past, I'm interested in how the rules are applied here.

Thanks again, again, and again.

Eh? The post I was responding to disappeared, and my own reply is gone.
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Don't worry Julie ... we are on the case Emotion: smile

Those urls are fine when placed on a site once - but when repeated constantly on the page via a profile association we generally frown upon them. We generally ask that people consult a moderator before placing URLs in their signatures.

Since you've presented a fair point; you're very welcome to put the sig back.

We try to remove all sigs like that (not just yours) – if people repeatedly ‘don’t get the message’ we tend to ban them. So I assure you it wasn’t personalEmotion: smile
Thanks for the explanation!

Yes, I knew about Rule #14 (http://www.EnglishForward.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=3014 ). But I wasn't sure what it meant. Now I do!

By the way, the sample page listed in the deleted post - that isn't part of my website. That's my friend's forum (also hosted by the same server), and as much as I like my friend (and he's the nicest guy in the world), he'll have to pay me for me to endorse his site everywhere I go -- and I don't take American dollars, at least not right now. Emotion: smile

Thanks again for the happy resolution of this matter. And happy new year!
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