What do each of these line mean on one's profile?

+# rating power (# cast)
+# verified answers
+# on all content
+# on forum posts
+# on comment

Thanks a lot.
Hi Jin,

Those are rating statistics of a user. As you may have noticed, you can "Like" everything: posts, pictures, user profiles, comments, etc.

+ 5 rating power (15 cast)
It shows how many "Likes" (votes) one can give to an object. For example, + 5 rating power means that you can Like (or dislike) a post five times. The rating power is calculated depending on how much a user interacts with the system (posting / answering / liking / commenting + others). Moderators, admins, and trusted users basically have a greater rating power.
"15 cast" in your profile means that you have given 15 Likes to others' posts, pictures, profiles and comments counted together.

+ 5 verified answers
If you have helped someone answering a question, and your reply has further been chosen as the best answer, the number of such verified answers will be reflected in this line.
For example, + 5 verified answers means that you have 5 verified posts like this (the green one). Only moderators, admins, teachers and proficient speakers can verify an answer.

+ 5 on all content
You have 5 Likes on posts, comments and pictures counted together.

+ 5 on forum posts
Users have Liked your forum posts 5 times.

+ 5 on comments
Users have Liked your comments (i.e. comments you made on pictures, profiles, and articles) 5 times.