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Kindly tell me which of the following expressions is commonly used by the native speakers. I know that the 1st one is simple present tense sentence and the 2nd one is present continuous tense. Are there any other difference in meaning between the two sentences?.

1) Where do you work?

2) Where are you working?

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Suppose you have just met someone. You start chatting. Somewhere during the conversation you ask about this person's work situation.

Where do you work? [general]
— I work at a company called "Community Crossroads".
— What do you do there?
— I set up events where mayors from different communities can get together and discuss the problems they have in common and how to solve them.
— It sounds interesting. I imagine a lot of travel is involved.
— Yes. A lot. Sometimes I have no idea where I'll be working from one week to the next.
— Well, where are you working tomorrow? [specific]
— Tomorrow I'll be here in the city, but the next day I fly to Albuquerque for a three-day conference.
— I wish my job were so exciting.



Both are commonly used.

#2 suggests that the speaker may think your job is temporary in some way.

Another common question is What do you do? answer I'm a systems analyst.

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