Dear all,

Would you please tell me the exact meaning of the following expressions. And what are all circumstances they can be used?

1) That is it.

2) That is that.

Thank you.

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1) That is it. That's it.

2) That is that. And that's that.

These are almost always said and written as shown in red above. They don't sound quite right as you have written them.

I can't give you ALL the ways in which these are used, but I can give you the basic meanings.

1) What I have said is all there is. There is no more. So there is nothing else for me to say. Also said as "That's all".

To make an authentic French baguette you only need flour, yeast, water, and salt. That's it.

2) What I have told you to do is what I expect you to do. I will not tolerate any disobedience from you. This is my final word on the subject. This is often used when talking to children.

No, you can't stay out until midnight. I want you home by 10, and that's that!

2) What I have told you is true, and nothing can be done about it.

If the government runs out of money, pensions won't be paid, and that's that.



Please, look them up in the dictionary. According to MW's Dictionary: that is that or that's that—used to say that a decision or situation cannot be changed:I won't sell it for less than 50 dollars and that is that. I'm not going and that's that. Longman Dictionary: that’s it (spoken) a) used to say that something is completely finished or that a situation cannot be changed: That’s it, then. There’s nothing more we can do.b) used to tell someone that they are doing something correctly: Slowly ... slowly. Yeah, that’s it.c) (also that does it) used when you are angry about a situation and you do not want it to continue: That’s it. I’m leaving.
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CJ Sir, thanks a lot. This is really valuable for me. I referred the dictionary but I couldn't exactly make out the difference in meaning.
Thank you.
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