Dear all,

Kindly tell me which of the following expressions is correct. I personally feel that the 2nd one is correct. But I have seen the first sentence in a grammar book.

1) Temperature are soaring.

2) Temperature is soaring.

Thank you.

cat navy 425I have seen the first sentence in a grammar book.

Really? I'm surprised because they are both wrong.

You need The temperature is soaring or Temperatures are soaring. It's pretty simple.



There is an interesting thing about the noun "Temperature" in English; it CAN be used as a countable noun and uncountable too.

You can specify it certainly as a plural by adding "s" to be called "Temperatures" then say:

-Temperatures are ( This structure is familiar to us)

You consider it a singular without adding "s" to become "Temperature".

-Temperature is (That's familiar to us, too)

* You consider it a PLURAL and use "are" after it, but leave it as it is WITHOUT adding "s" :

-Temperature are (That's unfamiliar to us, and that's why you feel it sounds wrong but it's not)

There are a lot of statements that a person, at first, could think of them as a "typo" but as long as they were taken from a grammar book, it's better for us to make sure. ☺

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Thanks a lot. I understand it.
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Thanks a lot CJ sir.
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Thank you.