Dear all,

I would like to know whether the following expression is correct. If wrong, please correct it.

1) The letter was sent to the head office approximately around 01/12/2019.

Thank you.


"Approximately" and "around" are redundant together. I would not use either with a date. If I got such a message from an employee, I would want to know how you determined that it happened on some day in the vicinity of 01/12 and why you don't the actual date. That said, I think one usual way of putting it is "The letter was sent to the head office on or about 01/12/2019."

I think it's not that good to use "approximately" and "around" together, because somewhat they have a similar meaning. it's better to choose one of them. If you want your message to sound very formal, use "approximately".

I'd say:

"The letter was sent to the head office on approximately 01 Dec. 2019"

Don't depend on my answer, though. Wait for the teachers' correction.

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Thanks a lot for your reply.
Thank you for your reply.