Dear all,

Kindly see the following sentences. I am unsure about them which I saw in a book.

1) She pricked the balloon and burst it with a loud bang. (Why "burst" is used here. Shouldn't it be "bursted"?)

2) He suffocated him by holding a pillow over his head. (Here why "over" is used. Shouldn't it be "on"?).

3) He snatched the photo out of my hand. (I think that "from my hand" is more apt here).

Thank you.


1. There's no such word as bursted. Burst is an irregular verb.

2. Over suggests that the pillow covered his entire head.

3. Both are possible.



1) 'Burst' is an irregular verb. Its three forms are burst, burst and burst.

Some people do actually say and write 'bursted' but it's non-standard and should not be copied.

(The informal derivative 'busted' is more commonly seen and heard.}

2) You can't suffocate someone by holding a pillow over or on their head. You need to press the pillow over their face.

3} Both versions are equally acceptable.

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