First of all, I am glad that I found this wonderful site.
I have a question about using etc.
I have a list of places but there is only space that I can write one place name on it.
so can I write like this..
New York etc.

I have table that I typed the categories on each column.
At the end of column I typed ETC
Is it correct? or do I have to say others?
and writing ETC with Upper case or Lower case, is this matter? and ETC or ETC. are these same?
Hi park16, Welcome to English Forums!

I agree with the previous poster (sorry, I can't see the name from here) except if your intention is to include a complete listing and you simply run out of space and write Etc., some might consider that a bit shabby. If it's important to be complete, better to find a way to make more room.

If I understand you correctly, I think it's always better to write "etc." (or "Etc.") than "others."

Best wishes, - A.
hi park16,
etc. is the short for "etcetera", so it should be in small letters.
it is often used to denote more of the same or continuing in the same way.
you can use it in shortage of space or when you forgot the full list but its better to avoid it!
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