I am French, leaving in the US and need to prepare a CV and a letter of motivation for a position in the UK. In reading many posts on this (neat) forum, I noticed that there are many differences in the format of CVs for each country and I would like to make sure that what I read seems appropriate. I'd appreciate benefiting from any input the "experts" may have in this exercise.

It seems like it is common to enter personal information at the beginning of the CV, such as date of birth, nationality, marital status etc. Is this correct?
I read that contact information (email, address, phone number) should always be at the end of the CV. True/False?
If anyone has experience in the redaction of CVs in both countries I would greatly appreciate any input.

Letter of motivation:
Again there seems to be minor differences which ..... can make a difference. As an example we (US) punctuate "Dear Sir;" and it seems UK correct typing would be "Dear Sir,". The content itselfl is pretty much "universal" and very well detailed in many other posts.
Are there any specifics in regards to punctuation, paragraph spacing, ending formulas (instead of the brief "Sincerely," we use here) that should be used to taylor both of these documents so it sort of proves that, at least, an effort has been made to customize the letter to the recipient?

Thanks in advance to all readers and ... advisers.
Bonjour Alain,

I would like to help you, but you have asked specifically about jobs in the UK, so I would be out of my league.

If you want resume information about the U.S., the job sites, like Monster.Com and Career Builder, have good sections on resumes.

For the US:

No, you don't put any personal information on your resume at all (birthday, marital status, etc.)

You do put your contact information up front, at the very top.

In the US, it's Dear Mr. Smith: (but not with a semi-colon).

Good luck!
You shouldn't include marital status/dob etc on a UK CV either - and no photo.

We also put the contact info right at the top.

Work and qualifications - start with the most recent and work backwards.
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Thanks to both of you.
I do appreciate your input.
Dear Person.

It is the first time, I am looking your post.

Thank you ,it is good to reenforce my English; if you don't understand please tell me what was wrong

Thank you all.

Jean-claude Guillermain

Living in Aquitaine - France.

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