hello¬° I am Juan Marcos. I am from argentinaa and I am studying for becoming an English Translator. I was surfing through the net searching for a web site containning colloquial expressions and its meanings, when I found that page.

I would like to ask the possible meaning of "shot". I give you the context for make teh question easier,

- Doesn`t sound much of a day.

- Ay, well, that`s shot it en`t it.

The excert is from a play called The Caretaker by Harold Pinter. I expect not to bother you, but your answer would be of great help for me.

Good bye and thank you.
Welcome, Juan, to EnglishForward,

I'm going to take a 'shot' at it.

First, to convert it from its dialect-form-- 'Yes, well, that has shot the day, hasn't it.'

'The day is shot' is idiomatic for 'the day is ruined (or wasted).

And, when I say, above, that I'll 'take a shot' at it, it means 'I'll fire off a guess at the question.'
-- The last bus just left, and I missed it. That's shot my chances for getting to work on time today!

-- You'd better get a new pair of socks. These are shot.

-- The water heater stopped working. We went and took a look and dang if the whole thing wasn't all shot. Now we have to buy a new one.

-- When Liz yelled at the boss, it pretty much shot the raise she was hoping for.

-- Just one little problem can lead to another and another and before long you've shot the whole afternoon.