In the ccc.comnet.edu website in its section on "GERUNDS AND INFINITIVES:THEIR NOUN ROLES," I happen to come across these numbered sentences that are used as part of its explanatory parts.

1) We asked the intruders to leave quietly.

I think it said that for the kind of verb like 'asked' an infinitive follows (is used??) and a second subject is present. Where is the second object for this?

2) We all wanted to go.

I think it said something similar to the above but seemed to have said something like the second object is available as a choice (meant it as 'optional'?). Where is the second object here?

Also, what is the highlighted part grammatically?
We asked the intruders to leave quietly

Also, I think I saw somewhere that after certain verbs like 'saw', there is no word 'to'. Is that right What is the part underlined grammatically?

I saw him drink the water.

Thank you so much for your anticipated help.
Hi, I would like some kind of response/answerr from any expert available please.
Would any available gurus help me on this? Thank you.