I'm a freelance translator and just having a job interview for a project.

At some point, the company asks, "what guaranties of quality we would have?" And this, to me who's Japanese, is a bit weird question.

1) Would you tell me if this is a normal question in a job interview?

2) if so, what exactly are they asking? I mean, I'm not sure what they are expecting hear from this question (guaranties?). What would be the typical answers for it?

Thank you,

P.S. please let me know if this post is improper on this forum. I don't mean to bother anyone. As I said, I'm a translator and often use this forum and find it quite useful, so I thought it's ok to post it here.
Perhaps the wrong forum for this question, but I'm not sure we have a more apppropriate one, really.

I have not heard that question in interviews, but interviews nowadays often include odd, sometimes outrageous, questions. It is a way of testing the interviewee's mettle.

I'm frankly not sure what the intent is. It seems to ask, 'How can we be sure that you are good?' I suppose the way to answer is to recount your training and successful experience that is most applicable to the job being offered -- to show your 'track record' in that area. Talk about something related that you previously accomplished successfully.
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Thank you very much Mister Micawber! I've been desperately waiting for the reply.
And thank you for being kind to me here, while the question seemed a bit improper!
And thanks for your great advice!

I just hope the advice is correct. Please remember that if you don't understand any question put to you in an interview, don't be afraid to simply ask 'What do you mean?'
Thanks, I'll keep it in mindEmotion: wink
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