Have you read the article entitled "Increase Your Vocabulary"?

In the previous sentence would you put a comma after entitled? Would you put the question mark inside the quotes or outside like I have it?

Oh thank you so very much for your help. I have read so many rules in studing English. I find it very confusing, I think I have it and then there is always an exception that applies. Then I seem to lose my mind. But I shall not give up the ship. I am so glad I found this forum you are all so kind. Emotion: smile Helps to straighten out my mind. [:^)] Thanks again.
I wouldn't put a comma there, no.
The question mark goes outside the quotes.

But if you want to delve into a grey area, if the article had been called "Do you want to increase your vocabulary?" then you should probably put - ahem -

- Have you read the article entitled "Do you want to increase your vocabulary?"?

....probably. The jury is still out on that one.

Hello, can anyone help me? Please reply please!! Emotion: crying Thanks for taking the time to read this forum you have been helpful in the past, please help me again. It would surly be appreciated!
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Thank you Rommie for your help Emotion: smile Have a great day!