Hello Friends,

Guess what happened.

Guess what happened?

You know what.

You know what?

In such cases, is either option ok - period or question mark?

Thank you, friends.


You have to use a question mark when it is a question, whether you like it or not. You can't use a question mark when it is not a question, no matter how tempted you are to use one. So

Guess what happened. (imperative, not interrogative)


You know what?

Of course, "You know what" is not a question if it doesn't mean "Do you know what?".

Gordon: Tell me what this is.

Ziggy: You know what.

But guess what?

Here it's a question mark, right?

Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies

But guess what?

Here it's a question mark, right?

No. The addition of "but" changes nothing. "Guess what," is an imperative sentence with the tacit subject "you". I understand the temptation, but as a matter of style, the question mark is wrong. It creates the wrong inflection in the reader's ear, for one thing, which is a fatal defect even if it wasn't just plain wrong typographically. "Guess what?" would make "guess WHAT". "Guess what." makes an equal stress on the two words, which is how it is said.

If you have to scratch that itch, you have to change the wording, maybe "Can you guess what happened next?"