He wasn't aware of the dangers of the acid, though I had already taught him about it, which consequently brought an end to his life.

Q1) What does "which" refer back to in this sentence?

I think "which" refers to "his aware of the dangers of the acid".

Q2) Is that sentence natural and grammatically correct?

I think it's natural and grammatically correct.

Q3) Someone told me "which" must be placed right after what "which" refers back to, so the sentence is wrong.

I think this person isn't right, because the context is so clear that we know what "which" indicates even if it is not located directly right after what "which" refers to.

Please tell me whether my thinking is correct.


The given sentence is not right. If you taught him about the danger, then he was aware of it. And it's not clear what caused his death. The sentence should be something like:

I warned him about the dangers of the acid, but he didn't take the warning seriously, and it resulted in his death.