Hi teachers.

This is a no question:

Did the man know where he was going?

No, he didn't.

My doubt is:

Should I have this order 'where he was going' in the question because it is an indirect question and the real question is 'did the man know'?

Is it the real reason?

Thanks in advance
Yes, you are right.
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This form of question is technically called embbeded question, and the order is the same as an affirmative sentence.

and it is not just for questions, for sentences like, I don't know where he is. we use the sentence order because we are actually not asking any questions.


Can someone tell me what I should do?

I have no idea how he managed to escape.
Thank you Mister Micawber for your help.
Thank you hrsanei. I've heard about embedded questions, but I didn't know these were the ones.

Thank you so much!
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